Bunuh Diri dan Euthanasia Kajian Tafsir Ahkam

  • Istianah Istianah Istianah IAINU KEBUMEN
Keywords: Suicide, Euthanasia, Ahkam's interpretation


The phenomenon of suicide and euthanasia has been an interesting study for a long time. Killing oneself is doing something that will cost one's life, such as cutting one's veins, drinking poison, stabbing one's self with a sharp object, drowning one's self in a well or the sea, installing a bomb on one's body, or whatever the motive for the act is, whether because of frustration (worldly affairs) or want to die as a martyr (istishhad). Meanwhile, euthanasia is linguistically derived from the Greek eu, which means "good", and thanatos, which means "death". In Arabic, Euthanasia is known as qatl ar-rahmah or taysîr al-mawt. According to medical terms, euthanasia means an action to relieve the pain or suffering experienced by someone who is about to die; It also means hastening the death of someone who is in great pain and suffering before his death. Euthanasia is often called mercy killing (death in peace).The presentation of this writing begins by presenting the verse text, vocabulary (ma'ani al-Mufradat), ijmali interpretation, and explanation of the content. Then the legal guidelines regarding both are explained. As for Euthanasia, the speaker explained it in separate points for more detail.

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